Capsule Production Line

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A. Main technical parameters

1 speed 32~34 board / min
2 The 2 disc diameter of 111.25 (mm)
3 the maximum noise of the machine is less than 65 (dB)
4 automatic head minimum height (under the base top bar center) 559 (mm)
5 automatic head maximum height (under the surface top bar center) 614 (mm)
6 power supply standard three-phase five wire
7 power supply voltage, frequency 380 (220) V + 10%, 50 (60) HZ
8 control voltage 24V
9 appearance size length (14.7-24.7) m * width (1.8) m * high (2.5) M
10 process, mechanical testing, overload protection is reliable, sound and light alarm and touch screen display alarm content

B. the main features
Oiling system: anointed with oil pipe rotating at the same time of grinding oiling, oiled rotation can reach two laps, assurance of oiling evenness. The drop of oil control valve regulating valve and micro total combination, ensure the controllability of oil dripping. Lubricator adopts fast loading system, greatly saves the time to replace lubricator.

Dipping system: Six mold overturning, dip plastic, mold shaping, turning into orbit. The widening of the new development and the multi layer thermal insulation rubber groove ensures the stable liquid level and the constant of the liquid temperature. Glue dipping system uses a new generation of servo motor, disc lift and disk rotational split individually controlled, dipping to realize multi section speed control, to meet the needs of hard hollow vegetable capsule production, and can also adjust multi section speed according to the actual needs of the production.

Drying system: special air duct can be water heating, electric heating and water and electricity mixed with heating, heating control by professional multi-channel temperature controller to control, achieve air duct temperature control in + 0.5.

Transmission system: mould transmitted by before and after damping plate, roller, upper and lower drag and tail platform composed. The machine is domestic industry was the first to use electric cylinder drive, easily realization of thrust and velocity and position precision motion control, greatly eliminate noise and reduce oil pollution. Improve the overall system stability, controllability, capsule molding pass rate, more easy to achieve human control and efficient energy saving and environmental protection.

Propulsion system: by guide, transition section, center box, push claw and a transmission belt, wherein the propulsion system, completed the mould upsets, forward movement, propelling mechanism the imported linear module and servo motor, to advance the precision and repeatability.

Automatic bonding system: the mold has been shaped capsule stripping, fixed length, cut and set a series of action, length can be guaranteed to be within + 0.1mm, and the set of pre lock. Due to the automatic machine is purely mechanical transmission and according to plant hollow capsule production equipment automation components in the overall design of the mechanism and the lubrication friction requirements, working conditions and environment conditions, centralized lubrication system design and determine reasonable lubrication system, package including lubrication system in the form of definition, calculation and selected system each lubrication and the original device performance, specifications, quantity, system of each pipeline in the size and layout of.

Design principle: by spindle power increase of chain transmission drive gear pump, gear rotates the pipe layout and quantitative distributor to achieve far, proximal quantitative lubrication, without additional main transmission, efficient use of space. The gear pump can be separated from the lubricating machine, and the friction pair is lubricated one by one, and the lubricating point is completely covered.

Motion control system: the operation of human nature, control of the concentration of. Production line adopts the advanced imported professional motion controller, server and servo motor, speed, temperature and other related actions are the use of centralized control, parametric design, all parameters can on the touch screen operation, the use of modern advanced ReTx bus network control and network technology, and one or more production lines to achieve remote control and maintenance. Safe and reliable low voltage control. The production line control voltage is DC 24V.