Dried Red Date

Release time:2015-12-22Browse number:1523count source:Qihui, Xiaokou

Our dried-red date of Xiaokou Brand is national geographical indication product and our company is appointed as the exclusive exporter by the local government. At present, the planting area of date tree in Xiaokou is up to 1,000 hectare, annual output of dried red dates 800 ton. With the increasing investment of the local government, Xiaokou plans to reach the output of 1,000 ton to 1,200 ton annually in a couple of years.

Xiaokou dates have the characteristics of large size, thick flesh, high sugar content, rich vitamin, delicious and sweet taste, etc. And it can be used for food, medicine and tonic. The average weight of single fruit is 15.2g and the weight of largest single fruit is 25g. The fresh date is with sugar content 26.2%, total acid 0.6%, vitamin C 484.6mg/100g and output rate of dried date above 42%. Xiaokou dates are naturally sun-dried to ensure the taste and quality. Xiaokou date is the recognized as “live vitamin pill”. Eating red date in a long-term can benefit health and treat many diseases, with the effect of “nourishing and detoxifying, activating blood circulation to dissipate stasis and strengthening spleen and moistening lung”.